Adults and games

My Flex/Top Flex students usually ask for game activities in class. This is paradise for a teacher, isn’t it? So I suggested my Flex 6 group last semester to have some game moments. But all games in the classroom must have a purpose; they can be  miming games to practice continuous tenses, questions and answers to review, recycle or consolidate structures , board games for different purposes, etc. After trying all these things we all know they really work, I had an idea: to go bowling! It’s an activity adults could really enjoy. Some go bowling with friends on the weekend. So, why not go bowling in class?


Campo Grande Flex 6 Group bowling

 To play it in class, we needed to adapt the rules of the game: According to the number of pins they knocked down, there would be a question. The questions ranged from the most simple, for students who got close to a strike, to the most complex ones . The questions were prepared by the students themselves in a previous activity in which we were reviewing structures.

It was a real good time!


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