The Teacher’s Menu


The week menu was prepared according to my personal tastes. Feel so exclusive! Thanks Top Flex 3! It’s time to start my new dietary habits!

  Monday Tuesday


Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast Tea, Soy milk and a piece of bread Fruit juice and cookies Bread and tofu and Soy milk Soy milk, one piece of bread and tea Fruit juice and cookies Fruit and tofu Fruit and cereal
Lunch Salmon, rice, vegetables and fruit juice Pasta, salad(broccoli, onions, asparagus), fruit juice Rice, beans, meat and salad(pepper, lettuce and onions) Chicken and salad (cabbage and mushrooms) Rice, eggs, legumes and fruit juice Rice and beans, chicken and fruit juice Pasta in vegetal oil and fruit juice
Dinner Salad(tomatoes, carrot and lettuce) and fruit juice 1 banana/apple and yogurt Chicken and a tomatoes and cucumber salad Fruit juice and yogurt Tomatoes, lettuce, carrot and fruit juice Vegetable soup and fruit juice Diet cake and fruit juice
Snacks   A cup of tea cookies   yogurt Tea yogurt

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