The Teacher’s Menu

September 7, 2009


The week menu was prepared according to my personal tastes. Feel so exclusive! Thanks Top Flex 3! It’s time to start my new dietary habits!

  Monday Tuesday


Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast Tea, Soy milk and a piece of bread Fruit juice and cookies Bread and tofu and Soy milk Soy milk, one piece of bread and tea Fruit juice and cookies Fruit and tofu Fruit and cereal
Lunch Salmon, rice, vegetables and fruit juice Pasta, salad(broccoli, onions, asparagus), fruit juice Rice, beans, meat and salad(pepper, lettuce and onions) Chicken and salad (cabbage and mushrooms) Rice, eggs, legumes and fruit juice Rice and beans, chicken and fruit juice Pasta in vegetal oil and fruit juice
Dinner Salad(tomatoes, carrot and lettuce) and fruit juice 1 banana/apple and yogurt Chicken and a tomatoes and cucumber salad Fruit juice and yogurt Tomatoes, lettuce, carrot and fruit juice Vegetable soup and fruit juice Diet cake and fruit juice
Snacks   A cup of tea cookies   yogurt Tea yogurt

TF3 Project

August 17, 2009

The Unit 6 for TF3 starts discussing dietary habits, healthy and unhealthy food, healthy eating pyramid, etc. Students suggested the ideal week menu for their partners. Strategies were decided: the 1st step should be an interview with the “client”, to get to know his habits, preferences, possible health problems (diabetes, high cholesterol, etc) or any food restrictions. It worked really well and now my TF3 groups have a mission: to develop a healthy menu for me! I was interviewed and had to answer the same questions thay had asked their partners. The next step is to be in groups and prepare the menu for me. DSC00123

Campo Grande Top Flex 3 – Saturday group  interviewing me

Adults and games

August 17, 2009

My Flex/Top Flex students usually ask for game activities in class. This is paradise for a teacher, isn’t it? So I suggested my Flex 6 group last semester to have some game moments. But all games in the classroom must have a purpose; they can be  miming games to practice continuous tenses, questions and answers to review, recycle or consolidate structures , board games for different purposes, etc. After trying all these things we all know they really work, I had an idea: to go bowling! It’s an activity adults could really enjoy. Some go bowling with friends on the weekend. So, why not go bowling in class?


Campo Grande Flex 6 Group bowling

 To play it in class, we needed to adapt the rules of the game: According to the number of pins they knocked down, there would be a question. The questions ranged from the most simple, for students who got close to a strike, to the most complex ones . The questions were prepared by the students themselves in a previous activity in which we were reviewing structures.

It was a real good time!

Hello world!

August 10, 2009

IMG_2145Hello everybody!!!


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